Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Calming the Chaos

We live in a world of constant chaos. There is never TIME for anything or anyone. From the time we're so rudely awakened by the annoying buzz of the alarm clock, our lives are nothing but constant motion.  We have so many outside distractions demanding our undivided attention and every little second of our time. Our day begins...

You know the routine... get the children up, get them dressed, fix breakfast, let the dog out, kiss your spouse as they run out the door, the screeching of school bus brakes. "HURRY or you will  miss the bus!" "Don't forget your lunch!" A quick kiss on the head and then... there is silence. 

One brief moment of silence and...

YOU have your own day to start. The door shuts behind your children and just like that you're sent into the frenzy of getting yourself ready... shower, hair, make-up, let the dog in, traffic, deadlines, meetings, bosses...

There is never enough time to do what you've written on your list. 

Everyone wants a piece of your time. 

The world is passing you by in an instant. 

Have you ever watched clothes while they are drying?  They tumble from the top of the dryer drum to the bottom in a circular motion. It's like our lives sometimes isn't it? I know I can see  me being tossed around like clothing some days.  There are so many things coming at you from every direction...you feel as if you're spinning, spinning, and spinning out of control. You're running out of breath... and you've basically just started your day.

Have you ever thought "There has got to be SOMETHING BETTER THAN THIS!" You are looking for some kind of release, a quiet place where you can go and find refreshment and renewal. 

Quiet place? 

Does the word "quiet" even exist in your vocabulary or is it some sort of foreign language?

Let's face it...this world is full of noise and stresses. But how do we deal with the "stuff" this world throws at  us? Plain and simple...we have to UNPLUG.

UNPLUG? Who has time for that? I know, I know...I've even said those words to myself a time or two. God never wanted us to be in constant motion. He wants us to "be still" and get away for a few minutes with him. Jesus even found time in his busy schedule to get away (Matthew 14:23).  If Jesus can find time, I know I sure can. 

Having time with God (establishing a quiet time) is a necessity if we want to hear His voice...and we cant listen if we're running at "mach speed" with our hair on fire. True? 

Don’t be afraid of the silence,  embrace it!  Only in the silence can we unplug  and relax in the presence of our Heavenly Father.  He wants to spend one-on-one time with us with no distractions or interruptions.  In the quiet place we're able to “let go” of our over committed time and energies and refocus on the Creator the Universe and His purpose for our lives. 

Yes that’s right… HE has a purpose for us and it's not to be in constant motion. Most of us do a pretty good job of filling our days with people, places and things. How will we know what our purpose is unless we get away and listen for God's voice.

I promise, you will find renewed strength (Psalm 23:2, Isaiah 40:31) when you unplug from the noise and plug-in to a daily quiet time with Jesus.  He is our source for strength and our defense against the lies we hear from this world every day. 

He’s calling us to come away and spend a little piece of our day with Him. Will you answer his call?  Christ did so much for us when He gave his life so that we could be forgiven.  Is it too much to give him just a few minutes out of our day?  The choice is yours – believe the lies of the enemy saying "You just don't have time in your day for 1 more thing!"  or unplug and learn the truth.