Thursday, March 15, 2012

Christ: My refuge, my strength

Psalm 31:3 (NCV) You are my rock and my protection. For the good of your name, lead me and guide me.”

I love reading through the book of Psalms when I need to be reminded of God’s ever guiding presence and protection as I deal with the “stuff” of this world. I find words there that describe who I am in Christ, who He is (words that describe His character) and what He offers when I come to Him. This morning, I found this example in the first verse of Psalm 31. Here we see David coming to God seeking refuge. David often prayed for God to be his refuge and deliver him from his enemies. David knew he could trust God to be his refuge, and his shelter from danger and distress. David was confident he could find protection and safety in God.

In God, David was confident, safe and protected (who I am in Christ). Why did David know this? Because David trusted God and knew He was a refuge – a safe place (who God is – His character). When David approached (or sought) God for protection, he knew God would lead and guide (what God offers) him in the right direction.

The character of God hasn’t changed since David’s time. God is just as much our refuge and security today. We can find protection in Him just like David did. It is up to us to trust Him completely – with everything we are and everything we have. We can be confident that God is true to His character and will deliver and protect us.

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