Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Finding "bread" in the valley

John 6:35 (NCV) Then Jesus said, “I am the bread that gives life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty."
I've come to this place again where I have given FEAR a foothold and allowed it to dictate my actions.So frustrated with myself this morning, I cried out to God "Lord what is WRONG with me? I don't want to be this person... I so desire to be in your word and in fellowship with you.  Why am I struggling?"

In the quietness I heard his voice.. "You're not getting alone with me... your now allowing me to sustain you through this valley."

As much as I hate to admit it...  I haven't been having a good quiet time lately. I am going through a period of change in my life. For me change is difficult. I'm stepping out of corporate America to put my family first. I need the time to focus on getting myself and my entire family healthy. While I am looking forward to the opportunity to fully concentrate on my family, I worry about the finances.  I don't know why I'm worried. My husband is the one who handles the bills and he says we're fine. He told me "money should be the last thing you're worried about, just relax and take a break." 

Ok, there you have it. This is another opportunity for me to trust God with everything... my family, our finances, my next move...  Yet I worry.   When I worry or stress, I tend to shut down completely. I become too afraid to move. Reading through the gospel of John this morning, I was reminded of why I felt like this in the first place. It isn't because I'm worried; It's because I haven't been handing my worry over to Jesus and trusting Him to provide.

Jesus is the only one who can sustain us and provide for every need we have. In times like this, I shouldn't run and hide from the world around me. I should RUN to CHRIST and cling to him for every thirst, hunger and need. It shouldn't matter that I am not going to be working outside of the home after this month. I should be talking to Him about helping me through whatever is next. He already knows my heart and my circumstance, it's up to me to talk to Him about it....and lay it down at His feet.

He is the bread of life....and I can find nourishment and refreshment for my soul through Him. I don't have to waste away in the middle of this valley, I can feast at the table of the Lord because He not will only satisfy my physical needs...but my spiritual needs as well.

God is greater than any problem I have.  He will provide. 

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