Wednesday, May 29, 2013 can be still even in the constant chaos of the day

We live in a world of constant chaos. There is never enough time for anything or anyone.  From the time we're so rudely awakened by the annoying sound of the alarm clock in our ear, our lives are nothing but constant motion. We have so many outside distractions demanding our undivided attention and every little second of our time. Our day begins... wake up the kids, make breakfast, make the lunches, feed the dog, take out the garbage, get the kids dressed, jump in the shower, make the beds....  it's a constant motion.  There is no time for anything or anyone. The world is passing you by in an instant and it seems that you cannot get anything accomplished on your daily list of things to do. 

Your family, friends and boss all need a piece of your time

"Mom., she hit me!" 
"Mom the dog is barking at the cat." 
"Hon, can you take my suit to the cleaners before you head to work." 
"Oh, by the way, I asked the boss over for dinner tonight - can you stop and pick something up on your way home from work?"
"This document has to be complete by the end of the day, we are under a strict deadline... you will have it to me right?"  

Everything in you wants to scream... "What do the words be quiet mean anyway?  My life is just too busy to be still...  it’s just not possible – the noise is too much!" It's hard to focus...  I need silence… I can’t even hear myself think…Round and round and round you go where you stop no one ever knows.  

Have you ever felt like your life has gotten so that you can't function unless there is noise at every turn? What would you do if it were quiet? It's hard to imagine isn't it?  It's the constant motion that has you running out of breath.  "Something has to give" you plead. Where is the release? Have you ever longed for a quiet place you can go to find refreshment/renewal? Perhaps the word "quiet" doesn't even exist in your vocabulary.

Does being still and being quiet sound like a foreign language?  In this world full of noise, how will we ever hear God’s truth unless we are listening to Him?  The sound of silence is not a frightening thing... we must embrace it!  It is in this place of "silence" we are able to unplug and relax in the presence of our Heavenly Father. He wants to spend time with us alone – one on one time with Him - no interruptions - no distractions. I know what you must be thinking... "every second of my day has something in it... there is absolutely no time for me to slow down and get quiet!" But it's in this quiet place that we are able to “let go” of our over committed schedule and focus our energies on the Creator the Universe and His purpose for our lives.  Yes that’s right… HE has a purpose for us. But how will we ever know the abundance He has for us if we can't clearly hear His voice? We can fill our days with people, places and all sorts of stuff  – but if we don’t leave room for Jesus – we depend on ourselves and not Jesus to get us through the tough times. 

On the other hand, if Jesus is our priority we can have the personal relationship with him that he wants with us. We were created to be in fellowship with God every day. He wants to be included in our goals, dreams and daily activities.  He is the only one who is there for us when the rest of the world checks out - and if we let Him - he will renew strength if we would only unplug from the noise and plug into a daily quiet time with Him.  He is our source for strength and our defense against the lies we hear from this world.

He’s calling us to come away and spend a little piece of our day with Him. Perhaps the best time to give him is in the morning when you're fresh and your mind is less cluttered.  So in this place of no distractions, prepare your heart to spend a few minutes with God. 

Christ did so much for us when He gave his life so that we could be forgiven and live eternally with Him.  Is it too much to give him just a few minutes out of our day?  The choice is yours – believe the lies of this world ("I don't have time!") or unplug and learn the truth (God loves you so much and wants to help you with your daily list of things to do.).

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