Tuesday, July 2, 2013

God never, ever leaves us alone

Psalm 63:8 (MSG)  I hold on to you for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post.

Over the past several days the weather in my area has been overcast with clouds and rainy. When it’s grey and rainy like this it’s easy for me to get caught up in the “blah-ness” of the day. To intentionally stop myself from allowing the weather to dictate my mood, I began to pray over several friends who are facing pretty serious “life storms.” During my prayer time, I asked God to provide wisdom, discernment and guidance for my friends and their families and, I also asked Him to show himself to them in a very real and powerful way. As soon as those words came out of my mouth, the clouds parted and I saw a ray of sunshine beam down on the road in front of me.

In that moment, I heard God whisper Tell them they are not alone, I am with them. Even though the storms may rage I have not left them to fend for themselves. I am at work in their lives and in your life my dear child. Remind them of my promises, encourage them with my word.

Tears fell from my eyes as one of my friends faces came racing to my mind. She had asked me earlier to pray for an unspoken prayer. “I will Jesus. Thank you for never leaving or forsaking us. Thank you for caring for us, for knowing our pain and loving us through it all.” When I came to a stopping place, I sent a text message to my friend encouraging her to rely on the promises of God during her current circumstance. Her reply to my message confirmed that when she received the text, she needed to hear those words of encouragement.

Isn’t that just like God? He puts someone in our path that will encourage us to “hang in there” and remind us of His promises. I stand in AWE of the God who set the stars in sky yet sees each and every one of our hurts and our pain then, sends someone into our lives to encourage us and love on us a little.

 Who do you know that could use a word of encouragement today? Remind a friend today of God's love and provision during the good times and the stormy times of life.

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