Friday, September 6, 2013

Being "pummeled to a pulp" could actually be good for me?

Just this past Tuesday morning a friend and I began a 40 day journey through a devotional type study. It’s a study that corresponds to The Circle Maker (by Mark Batterson) titled Draw the Circle. Over the last 4 days I have been faced with challenges at home…but isn’t that just what Satan wants?  Of course it is. I am growing closer to Christ and my eyes are being opened to some pretty challenging stuff. At this point, I have a choice to make….do I allow Satan to keep me distracted or do I “dig in” and begin a process of change in my life? 

I want  change! So come on at me Satan....after what I learned today...I am STANDING FIRM...ready for CHANGE that will bring honor and glory to God.

Today, I was faced with this question:

Do I pray just to get out of my circumstances or am I praying for God to get me through them?

UGH. Tough question. I would like to think that I pray not only for deliverance from certain circumstances but, when I face trials, I also ask God to help me through. An honest look revealed, I don't do this all the time. More times than I can probably even count, I’ve prayed to get out of the circumstance I find myself in and completely ignore what God is trying to do through the process.

I am personalizing here so hang with Draw the Circle, Batterson mentions that all too often I am too focused on praying for God to change my circumstances that I don’t allow him to change ME through the process.

UGH...  this hit me like a ton of bricks (sorry for the cliché). Yet, I’m thankful! If I'm being pummeled to death by circumstances that aren't changing...I need to take a closer look to see what God is trying to change in me. 

Now, my prayer will be a little different. Instead of praying "God, get me out of here!!!" I will pray "God, help me through my circumstance - and change me in the process according to your perfect plan." 

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