Friday, June 6, 2014

Do your words bring life or death?

Proverbs 16:24 (GW) Pleasant words are like honey from a honeycomb — sweet to the spirit and healthy for the body.

In today’s society “name calling” or “labeling” is commonplace. All too often the name calling or labeling carries a negative connotation. For example, phrases like “What a jerk!”, “You’re a moron!”, and “Idiot!” have made it down to the television shows our kids are watching. I know I’ve heard these phrases on several TV programs my son watches. What’s sad is the rating is for all ages 7 and up. While still at a very impressionable age, our children are being taught to disrespect each other and those in positions of authority over them.

We, as a society, are allowing the words we choose to use to destroy or maim others around us. Plain and simple - WORDS HURT… like a cancer that spreads through your inner being, they have the potential to destroy everything good you believe about yourself.

I think King Solomon had it right…pleasant words ARE healthy. Think about the way you feel when someone says something nice. Depending on the comment, you feel uplifted, encouraged…loved. Right?

Proverbs 18:21 in the Message paraphrase helps me remember the power my words have…

Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.

Choose to speak life to those around you today!

TobyMac's song, Speak Life, just about sums it up... just listen!

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