Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Our limited vision

To many, feeding 5,000 people was perhaps one of the largest and greatest miracles Jesus performed while he walked this earth. Aside from the miracle, I think it's important to look at the lesson that comes with it. This event is written about in John 6:1 – 15.
Jesus saw a big crowd gathering and the people must be hungry.

“Philip,” Jesus said “where are we going to buy the people something to eat?” 

Can’t you just imagine the expression on Philip’s face as he slowly moves his head from one side to the other looking at the monumental crowd that has gathered? How would you have responded to Jesus?
I probably would have responded much like Philip. 

“Ummm, Jesus, did you happen to notice how many people are gathered around here? You are looking at the same crowd I’m looking at right? It would take at least six months wages to feed all of them.” 

Another disciple chimes in “Hey, there’s a boy over here with five loaves and two fishes. But that’s not going to be enough feed this mob.”
Jesus knew what he was going to do long before he asked the question. He just wanted to see if they would look to HIM instead of human understanding to solve the task at hand. Without a hint of frustration in his voice he said “Have the crowd sit down and hand me the loaves and fish.” He wasn’t angry or upset with them for not looking to him. He knew they were getting ready to learn a big lesson on “the provision of God’s hand.” 

Jesus gave thanks for the food and then had the disciples distribute it to those who were seated. Everyone (yep all 5,000 men and their families) ate until they were satisfied. No one was overlooked. In fact, when everyone was finished eating there were twelve baskets left over. Whoa… God can do so much with so little can’t he?
Not only had the disciples witnessed a miracle that day, I think they also learned to rely on God instead of their human limitations. This world is so bound by what we can see, feel and touch. Through this passage of scripture we can clearly see that’s God’s resources are limitless and abundant.
What miracle do you need in your life? Are you looking to God to tap into his infinite resources or are you limiting Him by what you can see, hear, touch and feel?

Give everything you have to Him and watch how He multiplies it.

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